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Tips to having the best Exchange / Study Abroad Experience

Study Ireland - Stories & Tips from International Students

I have just returned home to Canada after my one-semester exchange at UL. What can I say? It has been a BLAST! Although there isn’t anything I would change looking back, there are a few things that I wish I’d known about coming to Ireland, about the academics at UL, about cooking for myself, and about travelling in Europe. So I’d like to share these with you so that you are better prepared when coming to UL on your study abroad or exchange!

Before you come:

unnamedDownload WhatsApp – This is some advice especially for non-EU students like myself, who may not know that this mobile app is hugely popular in Europe. It quickly became one of the main ways of communication while abroad so it’s worth downloading and figuring out before you arrive.

Unlock your phone I made the mistake of forgetting to unlock my phone from my…

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Why You Shouldn’t Worry If You’re Going Into College Alone

By Sarah Talty, 4th year Journalism and New Media There were roughly 1,200 students in my year at secondary school and only about 16 of us went to the University of Limerick. None of my friends were going to UL and anybody I did vaguely know going to UL was commuting. Essentially I was starting over… Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Worry If You’re Going Into College Alone

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Why I choose to study at the University Limerick

By Aine O'Neill The University of Limerick: I chose this university for multiple reasons. The sports, courses, and location are just a few reasons why I found UL to be the place for me. The high-quality facilities and easy going atmosphere have made it possible for me to excel in a place that doesn’t seem… Continue reading Why I choose to study at the University Limerick

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Why choose UL?

By Ciara Larkin For those of you who are still in secondary school, and are considering coming to UL in September, I can’t encourage you enough. Being from Limerick (but really from Clare), I wasn’t too eager or excited to come to UL because it was so close to home, but I don’t regret my… Continue reading Why choose UL?