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Having Survived two Natural Calamities

By Simran Kapur, MA in Journalism, University of Limerick When I initially packed up my bags for Ireland my mother was extremely worried about the possible weather conditions and kept stuffing my bag with every possible jacket she found lying around. In the end as you all must have guessed my luggage went leaps and… Continue reading Having Survived two Natural Calamities

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My first snowfall

By Simran Kapur They say experiences build a man’s (in my case a woman’s) personality. When it comes to my adventures in Ireland, I’ve had plenty to keep my family entertained back at home. Although, there was one experience in particular that left me mesmerized. I come from a very humid and particularly warm part… Continue reading My first snowfall

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Tales from the student village

By Simran Kapur Living with seven boys, has its perks. No I most certainly am not referring to Friends with Benefits here. They aren’t the bickering kind and occasionally help me with carrying my bags home from Aldi. Plus wherever you go, you’ll always have Z+ security, walking you back safely. We are however the… Continue reading Tales from the student village

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My First Attempt at Surviving Alone

By Simran Kapur, Grad Dip/MA in Journalism, University of Limerick As soon as I touched down at Shannon from India, I had a weird an unnerving feeling in my stomach. This would be my home for the next one year. I will no longer be guarded by my mother’s love and sheltered in the comfort of… Continue reading My First Attempt at Surviving Alone