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My last first day

By Muireann Murtagh Monday of Week 1 was… weird.  I was busy, which was good.  I had been working with the International Education Division, welcoming new international students the week before, and I was continuing to work at their information desk in week 1 (so far, on Wednesday of Week 1, it’s still going fine!). … Continue reading My last first day

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Week 8, and the library is full of zombies…

By Muireann Murtagh Well, not literally.  However, it is Halloween, so the library café – of which I have become the resident ghost because I’m here far too often – is full of people making plans for Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night, talking about the costumes they’ll wear and where they’re going out. … Continue reading Week 8, and the library is full of zombies…

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My adventure of a lifetime

By Muireann Murtagh Despite the long journey that divides my two homes (I'm from Longford), I am so happy to study in UL. I really enjoy my course, in which I focus on French and Spanish, because it is everything I ever hoped it would be. It has given me the chance to work in… Continue reading My adventure of a lifetime