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Looking back: CAO

By Cassandra Murphy As I prepare for my final year in UL (for my undergraduate at least) I can’t help but look back and think where I was three years ago. Sitting at home waiting for CAO offers to come around. Still shaking from results day I was hoping that this would be the day… Continue reading Looking back: CAO

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The Basics of Japanese Writing: For Beginners, By A Beginner

By Sinead Cryan So, you're thinking about learning Japanese, either by yourself, or in UL as part of your course. Or maybe you're just a bit curious about it, because it looks like a bunch of nonsensical squiggles when you see it around. Either way, you've probably heard that Japanese is one of the most… Continue reading The Basics of Japanese Writing: For Beginners, By A Beginner

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Loving Arts at UL!

By Judy Sheehan My journey to becoming a UL student isn't your typical 'straight out of Leaving Cert' craic. Since 4th year, I had always wanted to come to UL but being a naive 18 year old filling out the choices, I let other people influence me. So I spent a year in college in Cork… Continue reading Loving Arts at UL!