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Immersing Yourself in Irish Culture Through Different Courses

Study Ireland - Stories & Tips from International Students

If you’re thinking
about studying abroad, you’re probably wondering what kind of classes you can
take while here at UL. There are a wide range of classes to choose from
including Irish cultural classes! If you have room in your schedule I would
suggest taking some Irish cultural classes, as you get to learn more about the
country that you are spending the semester in! There are lots of Irish cultural
classes that you can take, such as: Introduction to Irish Traditional Music and
Dance, Irish Folklore, Irish Language, Celtic Civilisation, Gaelic Games,
multiple Irish history courses, Irish Literature, and practicums that take you
outside of the classroom and into the city to learn from Irish people within
the community.

I personally am
taking Introduction to Irish Traditional Music and Dance, Celtic Civilisation,
and one of the practicums called ‘Limerick Inside Out.’ These classes are super
cool and you learn…

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