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Dealing with Drama in University

By Roisin O'Donoghue Drama. It can happen anytime, anywhere. Some people hate it while others thrive on it. Needless to say, when you’re in university you’ve got bigger priorities than getting caught up in a silly feud or argument especially if it does not involve you. It can be stressful enough either way and the… Continue reading Dealing with Drama in University

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How To Keep In Touch With Friends From Home

By Sarah Talty, 4th year Journalism and New Media You meet so many amazing new people in college, between groups and societies, housemates and course-mates, you will end up making a whole group of new friends! This is great but we don’t want to lose our old friends from home too. A lot of people worry… Continue reading How To Keep In Touch With Friends From Home

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Leaving UL

I am writing this blog, knowing that I am going to leave UL and Ireland soon. The past two semesters were the best time of my life. In honor of this amazing experience and my time in UL, I want to give you a recap of my Erasmus journey and the time I spend in… Continue reading Leaving UL

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My Erasmus journey at the University of Limerick

By Nadine Kimak Hi my name is Nadine and I’m from Germany. I am studying Social Science and right now I’m doing my 3rd and 4th semester at the University of Limerick. Every time I meet new people they are really interested in why I chose Ireland and what it is like to be an… Continue reading My Erasmus journey at the University of Limerick

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Making friends at University

By Jane Vaughan  Making friends at college was probably one of my biggest worries coming into to college. I was so nervous walking in by the flag poles on the day of orientation but looking back I need not have worried. The key thing about making friends is in your orientation group, this group is… Continue reading Making friends at University