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My First Attempt at Surviving Alone

By Simran Kapur, Grad Dip/MA in Journalism, University of Limerick As soon as I touched down at Shannon from India, I had a weird an unnerving feeling in my stomach. This would be my home for the next one year. I will no longer be guarded by my mother’s love and sheltered in the comfort of… Continue reading My First Attempt at Surviving Alone

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My time studying in UL

By Jane Vaughan I am a fourth year student here at The University of Limerick and I'm studying English and History. The modules for history are quite diverse which is great because it means you get to study history from different parts of the globe. Sometimes studying these two subjects together is an advantage because… Continue reading My time studying in UL

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Hangry in UL!

By Nadine Kimak Hangry ??? hangry = a state of anger caused by lack of food; hunger causing a negative change in emotional state Being hangry is never a good emotional state. But I found it quite funny that there is an actual entry in some dictionaries existing. Ok a hangry student isn’t good for our… Continue reading Hangry in UL!

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Tips for Staying Healthy in the New Semester

By Ashley Taylor The second semester of college comes directly after the celebrations and parties of winter holidays, and, with it, comes new year resolutions. The most common of which: get healthy/workout more/lose weight. This goal is complicated, however, with the addition of classes, homework, and the studying required by college. Despite this, it is… Continue reading Tips for Staying Healthy in the New Semester