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Looking back: CAO

By Cassandra Murphy As I prepare for my final year in UL (for my undergraduate at least) I can’t help but look back and think where I was three years ago. Sitting at home waiting for CAO offers to come around. Still shaking from results day I was hoping that this would be the day… Continue reading Looking back: CAO

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My jolie co-op

By Cassandra Murphy At age 12 I stepped foot in Paris and knew I would return. I was sure that the next time would be for more than 72 hours. Fast forward 8 years and I’m sitting in my Parisian office in front of my Mac emailing well established bloggers. Typical start to a Hollywood… Continue reading My jolie co-op

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Choosing Arts subjects

By Cassandra Murphy An arts degree can be a scary thing. Your options are endless and every class looks as tempting as the next.  You go in knowing exactly what you want from your degree and come out after the four years with a completely different outlook. For me, all of the above is true… Continue reading Choosing Arts subjects