PhD funding support 2018

We are pleased to announce that the following PhD Candidates have been awarded research support from the Faculty of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences. The applicants are being funded for either conferences, fieldwork or a combination of both.

Student Name Supervisor(s)
Dana Garvin Prof. Margaret Harper
Audrey Galvin Dr. A.M. Quinn/Dr. Y. Cleary
Tara Giddens Dr. Tina O’Toole
Margaret Grene Dr. Y Cleary/Dr. AM Quinn
Kathryn Hayes O’Dwyer/O’Sullivan/Dr. Henry Silke
Alena Kiel Dr. Tina O’Toole
Tracy McAvinue Dr. Tina O’Toole
Paula McGrath Dr. Tina O’Toole/Prof. J. O’Connor
Milena Callegari C Prof. A McElligott/Dr. Pat Ryan
Robert Collins Dr. Ruan O’Donnell
Stephen Griffin Dr. Richard Kirwan
Gerald Maher Dr. Ruan O’Donnell
Patrick Miller Dr. Ruan O’Donnell
Holly O’Farrell Dr. Roberto Mazza
Aoife Finnerty Eoin Quill
Eoin Guilfoyle Prof. Shane Kilcommins/Dr. S. Leahy
Karen O’Brien Prof. Ray Friel
Stephen Strauss-Walsh Prof. S. Kilcommins/Dr. J. Lombard
John Walsh Dr. Ger Coffey
Sara Aljohani Drs. L. Murray/I O’Sullivan/E Riordan
Joanna Baumgart Dr. Fiona Farr
Steven Byrne Dr. M. Moriarty/Dr. D. Atkinson
Chris Fitzgerald Dr. E. Vaughan/Dr. M Moriarty
M. Kashif Jalil Dr. F. Mishan/Dr. A. O’Keeffe
Martin Mullen Dr. L Murray/Dr. F. Mishan
Muireann Prendergast Prof. Kelly-Holmes/Dr. D. Atkinson
John Hogan Dr. F. Haege/Prof. T. Lodge
Kai Kippels Dr. Owen Worth
Patti O’Malley Dr. Breda Gray
Hannah Santino Prof. L Monaghan/Dr. B. Gray
Zach Roche Dr. C. Kuhling/Dr. M. Power
Louise Ryan Dr. Carmen Kuhling
Gyorgy Nagy Dr. Freda Ishan and Dr. Marta Giralt