Faculty research funding 2019

The following faculty have been awarded research support from the Faculty of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences.

Name Department/School
Roberta Mazza History
Rachel Murphy History
Alan Cusack Law
Susan Leahy Law
John Lombard Law
Kathryn O’Sullivan Law
Jennifer Schweppe Law
Angela Farrell MLAL
Marta Giralt MLAL
Michael G. Kelly MLAL
Liam Murray MLAL
Veronica O’Regan MLAL
Marie-Thérèse Batardière MLAL
Mariano Paz MLAL
Maria Reider MLAL
Frederic Royall MLAL
Yvonne Cleary EIC
David Coughlan EIC
Carrie Griffin EIC
Yianna Liatsos EIC
Ann Marcus Quinn EIC
Tina O’Toole EIC
Breda Gray Sociology
Carmel Hannan Sociology
Amanda Haynes Sociology
Martin J Power Sociology
Ber Connaughton PPA
Rory Costello PPA
Scott Fitzsimmons PPA
Frank Haege PPA
Conor Little PPA
Adina Preda PPA
Andrew Shorten PPA
Owen Worth PPA