Judges, Politics and the Irish Constitution

9781526107312The School of Law is delighted to announce the publication of ‘Judges, Politics and the Irish Constitution’ by Manchester University Press, edited by Dr Laura Cahillane with two colleagues from DCU, Dr James Gallen and Dr Tom Hickey.

The volume, which is dedicated to (and includes a contribution from) the late Mr. Justice Adrian Hardiman, brings together academics and judges to consider ideas and arguments flowing from the often complex relationships between law and politics, adjudication and policy-making, and the judicial and political branches of government.

Contributors explore numerous themes, including the nature and extent of judicial power, the European Court of Human Rights decision in O’Keeffe v Ireland, the process of appointing judges and judicial representation, judicial power and political processes. Contrasting judicial and academic perspectives are provided on the role of the European Court of Human Rights and the nature of exhausting domestic remedies. The role of judges, social and political disputes and case law are examined and socio-economic rights, the rule of law and electoral processes are all addressed.

It is contains a wonderful mix of chapters and truly is a great contribution to Irish Constitutional Law literature.

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