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AHSS PhD Life Hacks 2020

As with previous years, the topic for AHSS PhD Life Hacks is chosen by the AHSS Postgraduate community.  In June 2020, the PhD Life Hacks topic was Managing Work/Life Balance and Teaching Practices.  The session was organised by Dr Niamh Lenahan and given the current situation, it took place on Microsoft Teams.

Caroline Lynn, our HR Business Partner for AHSS, provided a wonderful session on the topic of work/life balance while working from home in the current situation.  Caroline shared valuable strategies on how to be successful in postgraduate studies/research as well as suggestions on how to balance demands between work and home life.  Dr Rachel Murphy from Department of History at UL, gave a great presentation on online teaching, drawing on her own background on the MA History of the Family, showing us some genuinely exciting-looking and inspiring SULIS sites as well as ideas on strategies for student engagement.

There was a great attendance from the PhD student community, as well as engagement and questions and suggestions for future events.  During the session we also got to introduce and meet some of the first year students. The seminar was recorded and is available on Microsoft Teams.

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