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16 Days of Action Event

Prof. Shane Kilcommins (School of Law) spoke at the Irish Observatory on Violence Against Women event in Dublin on the 6th December.

The event centred on the prevention of, and protection from, intimate partner violence (IPV), recognising that a failure to protect may result in severe harm to women and, at its most extreme, intimate partner homicide.

Prof. Kilcommins spoke on the the law reforms which have arisen from the ratification process of the Istanbul Convention (Domestic Violence Act 2018, Criminal Justice (Sexual Offenses) Act 2017, and Criminal Justice (Victims of Crime) Act 2017).

Other speakers at the invent included: Drew Harris, Garda Commissioner; Nora Gibbons, Chair of the Independent Review into Familicide and Domestic Homicides; Sarah Benson CEO Women’s Aid; Deaglan O’Briain, Dept. Justice and Equality; Tessa Collins, Pavee Point. Frances Fitzgerald MEP opened the event.

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