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UL School of Law Student Completes Internship at the Office of the DPP

Louise Kennedy, LLM student at the School of Law, recently completed an internship at the Office of the DPP. Below is a short review of her experience. The School of Law liaison for this internship opportunity was Dr Susan Leahy. 

“Throughout my undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Limerick, I developed a keen interest in the area of human rights and criminal justice. When an internship opportunity at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions arose, I knew it would be hugely beneficial to my understanding of the criminal justice system.

I was situated in the Prosecution Policy and Research Unit, which plays an integral role within the office by providing a wealth of knowledge to solicitors, conducting vital research and producing policy documents for the office. I frequently attended the Criminal Courts of Justice where I gained a valuable insight into the criminal justice system. Through this internship, I experienced the practical element of the research I have engaged in over the past year on the LLM programme. I wish to extend my thanks to the wonderful staff at the ODPP, who generously shared their time and knowledge with me.

I would encourage every student to apply for this internship and avail of all the opportunities provided by the School of Law to students at the University of Limerick. This internship has confirmed my ambition to pursue a career in criminal law and I am indebted to the School of Law for facilitating this opportunity.”

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