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Ireland in the European Eye reviewed in the Irish Times

The Irish Times recently reviewed the book Ireland in the European Eye, edited by Bettina Migge and UL’s Dr Gisela Holfter (School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics). The review, written by Eamon Maher, described the book as “an excellent analysis of Ireland’s various interactions with its European allies, from the early medieval period up to the present moment.”

“With the shadow of Brexit casting a dark cloud over the entire European project, what emerges from these essays is how essential it is for Ireland to stay at the heart of Europe.”

” The essays cover things as diverse as history, religion, literature, tourism, politics, trade, journalism, architecture, music and film in 22 chapters by experts from various disciplines, who serve up an informative and welcome survey that emphasises the historical ties that bind the Emerald Isle to its largest neighbour and the Continent.”

Read the review in full:

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