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Best way to to beat a stressful job? Join a workplace choir

Best way to to beat a stressful job? Join a workplace choir

Research by UL senior lecturer Dr Hilary Moss is featured in the news section of the Irish Independent:

A new study of staff in the HSE has found that many of its workers have discovered an antidote to the tensions of dealing with the trolley crisis and hospital pressures by hitting the high notes with colleagues in one of the many choirs they have formed across the country.

It showed how choirs can increase a person’s positive perception of mental health and ease depression.

A choir can also have the benefit of promoting social connectedness among employees and even lead to more enjoyment of work and staff engagement.

HSE staff from around the country held a concert in University Concert Hall in Limerick in 2018.
Photograph Liam Burke Press 22

“Involvement in a workplace choir offered HSE staff members an opportunity to meet people in a non-work environment,” said the researchers Hilary Moss and Jessica O’Donoghue.

“Regular rehearsal was a prioritised social activity with an opportunity for social connectedness and interaction,” the findings in ‘Health Promotion International’ showed.

It also acted as a leveller with conversations between cleaners, doctors, healthcare assistants and directors.

Some spoke of the “positive energy” it generated and the sharing that goes with working towards a concert or competition.

Read in full here:

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