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Annual AHSS Postgraduate Conference 2019

CaptureThe Annual AHSS Postgraduate Conference will take place on Tuesday 7th May in the Foundation Building at the University of Limerick. The conference reflects the PhD research currently ongoing within the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at UL being undertaken by the postgraduate community.  

The conference provides PhD researchers at UL with the opportunity to share their research with each other, and with the broader research community, fostering interdisciplinary links across the departments.

This year, we are also joined by several PhD researchers from Mary Immaculate College, Limerick School of Art & Design and Limerick Institute of Technology.

The papers and posters that are part of the Annual AHSS PG conference and topics range from a panel themed topic on Gendered Spaces in Irish Literature 1890-2013 to effects of legislation on burial in Ireland.

Download the AHSS Postgraduate Conference Booklet 2019

Many of the students presenting at the conference have applied for and been granted research funding support from the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences to carry out fieldwork and to present at international conferences, building UL’s reputation internationally as a centre for research excellence. This postgraduate conference is part of the development of their research careers, and part of the supportive structure provided by UL for postgraduate students.

The event will be on all day and should you wish to attend, please register here.



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