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Policing Authority Networking Event

Policing Authority Picture 2

Faculty members from Law and Sociology, Dr Alan Cusack, Prof. Séan Redmond, Prof. Eoin Devereux, Dr James Carr and Dr Amanda Haynes attended a Networking Event organised by the Policing Authority at the Aisling Hotel in Dublin on 14th February.

The event offered a valuable opportunity to showcase the dynamic research that is currently being pursued in the areas of policing and policing oversight.

A key feature of the Networking Event was a cross-institutional, panel discussion where Dr Cusack gave an account of the School of Law’s recent research achievements at the forefront of policing pedagogy and research. In addition to speaking about the School of Law’s new undergraduate BA (Applied Policing) programme, and the School’s MA (Serious Crime Investigation) degree, Dr Cusack elaborated on a number of research projects currently being pursued by the CCJVS, REPPP and HHRG within both the School of Law and the Department of Sociology in the University of Limerick.

The Faculty looks forward to future research engagements with the Policing Authority and to working collaboratively with the vibrant network of researchers who are active in the field of policing and police oversight.

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