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Music and the Mind on RTÉ Lyric fm

Music and the Mind host Liz Nolan

Music and the Mind is a unique new series on RTÉ Lyric fm – melding music and conversation, the shows will cover relaxation and mindfulness; exercise and an active life; and sleep and its importance to our health.

In a series of live broadcasts from Radio Centre, presenter Liz Nolan will be joined by experts in the fields of psychology, fitness and holistic living, and The RTÉ Concert Orchestra will play specially curated selections of pieces to match the theme.

University of Limerick Music Therapist Dr Hilary Moss will be a guest on the first edition of Music and the Mind. Hilary introduced the series in this article for RTÉ:

Since time began, societies in every country and culture have made music.

We express ourselves through sound from the earliest days of life, and the ability to respond to music remains possible beyond serious brain injury and in the very late stages of dementia. It is only in more recent decades that researchers have studied, in earnest, how and why music affects us so profoundly and helps us communicate, express ourselves and be motivated.

There is growing research evidence that music has a powerful effect on our behavior, increasing how much we buy and how long we exercise.

Read more at:

Dr Hilary Moss

Dr Hilary Moss is the Course Director of the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance.

Listen to Music and the Mind runs on RTÉ lyric fm from 3-4pm on Fridays 11th, 18th and 25th January 2019, as part of The Full Score with Liz Nolan. 

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