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UL lecturer part of international team to receive Humanities in Europe Research Area (HERA) funding for research into European Music Festivals


Congratulations to Dr Aileen Dillane (Irish World Academy of Music and Dance), who is part of an international team of five researchers (Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, UK) to have been awarded just under 1.2 million euro for their research proposal responding to the 2017 Humanities in Europe Research Area (HERA) call: “Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe“.

The 3-year project, entitled “European Music Festivals, Public Spaces, and Cultural Diversities [FestiVersities]” is a multi-sited qualitative, comparative study of music festivals across a number of European countries and will examine how, and the degree to which, cultural and other forms of diversity are coordinated, represented and negotiated across all aspects of the public music festival experience, from planning to staging.

Using a mixed methods approach, including participant observation, surveys, research interviews, and visual-sonic methodologies, the project seeks to understand the meaning of festivals for all participants and the community more broadly, exploring localised understandings and practices of consumption and participation, and mapping convergences and divergences in diversity representation and social inclusion practices across Europe, in order to model best practice and inform policy.

Dr Dillane will focus, in particular, on diversity and representation in relation to music performers, their creative repertoires and their public staging. She will also coordinate, generate and analyse soundscapes materials from festival sites, building upon experiences from the LimerickSoundscapes research project.

UL is set to receive approx. 240,000 euros that will fund, amongst other things, a post-doctoral scholar with specific expertise in fieldwork, ethnography and digital sonic representation.


  • Prof. Ian Woodward,  Syddansk Universitet, Denmark
  • Dr Pauwke Berkers, Erasmus University, Netherland
  • Dr Karolina Golemo, Jagiellonian University, Poland
  • Dr Jo Haynes, University of Bristol, UK


Dr Aileen Dillane is an ethnomusicologist and lecturer in music in the Irish World Academy and is the co-founder/co-director of Popular Music, Popular Culture @ULPower, Discourse & Society@UL, and LimerickSoundscapes.

Follow her on twitter @aileen_dillane

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