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Transgender guest speaker at University of Limerick tells of her battle to win her child back


The newspaper run by our Journalism students Limerick Voice recently reported back from an event at UL where Jessica Lynn spoke about her inspiring and emotional story. The event was organised by GenderArc and Gender, Culture & Society (GCS) at UL:

American transgender speaker Jessica Lynn held nothing back as she explicitly and emotionally recounted the story of how her transition from a man to a woman led to the termination of her parental rights of her youngest child.

Speaking last week at the University of Limerick as part of the “Gender ARC @ UL” guest lecture series, Jessica told the audience:

“According to the United States government, my child does not have a father because I am who I am.”

An arduous, multi-year legal battle with the Texas court system saw a judge strip Jessica of parental custody for her youngest son despite a California state court granting her full legal and physical custody of all three of her sons just two years earlier.

Read Emil Trahan’s story on Jessica Lynn in full:

GCS @ UL offers challenging courses addressing intersections of gender, sexuality, race, class, & other identities to examine multidimensional inequalities. For more information about GCS @ UL or Gender ARC visit:

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