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Mandatory consent workshops for AHSS first years

GGI LOGO V3 PIECESMandatory consent workshops will be given to Faculty of Arts Humanities & Social Sciences first year students this semester.

Staff and student facilitators have received training from SMART Consent of NUIG, and will give the workshops during tutorial hours to our students.

Lorcan O’Donnell, Deputy President and Student Welfare Officer of UL Student Life said:

“The main message of the day and the main message of the workshops that we want students to take away is that consent is ‘OMFG!’ Ongoing, Mutual and Freely Given. Consent can be a topic that people have preconceived ideas about. It’s not as black and white as people like to think, there are grey areas.

We want our students to not be passive and to be confident and assertive in their sex lives and with their sexual partners, and this is what our Consent workshops teach.”

Lorcan has praised the faculties, who have “seen the importance of these workshops and given up part of their class time” to allow the workshops to proceed.

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