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LISTEN: Writers and musicians from UL feature on RTÉ Radio One’s Sunday Miscellany


This weekend, RTÉ Radio One’s Sunday Miscellany programme featured writers and musicians from the University of Limerick.

The recording of the programme took place at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick, as part of the UL Frank McCourt Creative Writing Festival in association with Shannon Airport on May 6th, 2018.

Listen in full here:

This performance featured writers Joseph O’Connor, Donal Ryan, Martin Dyar, Sarah Moore Fitgerald, Mary O’Malley, Eoin Devereaux, Patrick Griffin, Ilyana Kuhling, Vivien Mc Kechnie, Mae Leonard and musicians Boris Hunka, Diane Daly, Seamus Fogarty, Rosemary Heredos, Blackie O’Connell, Siobhan Peoples, Niall Keegan, Conal O’Kane and Alec Brown.

Reportage, appreciations, memory pieces, poetry, travel writing and personal accounts of events and happenings are the stuff of Sunday Miscellany. The programme has been a much beloved part of Sunday mornings since 1968.  It is essential listening to many thousands across Ireland and more around the world.


Spoken Word

  • Teach, by Mary O’Malley
  • Single Man (41) Worries About The Apocalypse, by Donal Ryan
  • Marathon, by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald
  • Death and the Post Office, a poem by Martin Dyar
  • The Music of Frank McCourt, by Joseph O’Connor


  • Short Ballad for a Long Man, by Séamus Fogarty
  • Liebeslied, a love song, by Fritz Kreisler, played by Diane Daly on violin and Boris Hunka on vibraphone
  • Jig Jazz/ Alice’s Reel, by the Irish World Academy House Band: Niall Keegan on flute, Alec Brown on cello and Conal O’Kane on guitar
  • Stormy Night, by Blackie O’Connell on pipes and Siobhán Peoples on fiddle
  • Gabhaim Molta Bríde (I praise St Brigid), sung by Rosemary Heredos
  • Are You Lonesome Tonight, played by Diane Daly on violin and Boris Hunka on cello.

Listen in full here:

The second Sunday Miscellany featuring the University of Limerick will be broadcast on Sunday 10th June, RTE Radio 1. 

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