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UL Journalism students increase TV presence


A project where MA and BA journalism students had to work as a team to plan, execute and deliver a bulletin in a single day has been officially launched.

Lecturer in broadcast journalism Dr Fergal Quinn said the Limerick Voice TV news channel is part of a significant expansion in TV news production in UL, made possible by extra investment in TV journalism facilities last year.

“We have been building up our capacity in this area over the last few years and a key element we have focused on is to be able to simulate for students the live bulletin experience, where they must plan, execute and deliver a bulletin in a single day. For our journalists, these are actually the first full TV news packages they produce, with an added time pressure to boot.”

“This kind of exercise epitomises the kind of transformative learning we try to achieve here in journalism at UL … The kind of learning experience where, by being challenged, put under pressure and often disoriented, students get a new perspective and ultimately achieve a deeper understanding of the TV news-making process”

Bulletins this year are aligned for the first time with the ongoing Limerick Voice newspaper project.

While stories this year were mainly campus based, primarily due to time and logistic pressures, the department is hoping to significantly expand the scope of stories and number of bulletins produced in the future.

“We had two really hard-working teams from the BA and MA groups and I think they can be proud of what they were able to come up with,” Mr Quinn added.

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