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Roma Rights seminar held at UL

Roma Rights Seminar

The School of Law held a Roma Rights Seminar this week, convened by Dr Norah Burns. The seminar featured presentations from students in the UL Engage Roma Rights Practicum, supervised by Dr Burns.

Four fourth year Law Plus students: Jack Ryan, Susan Gleeson, Evana Lyons and Patrick Brennan presented their reports based on the recently published Pavee Point and Department of Justice Roma in Ireland: A National Needs Assessment.

The students analysed four particular areas of the report: accommodation, education, employment and healthcare and based on comparative research on projects that worked in other European states, offered recommendations on how particular initiatives could be undertaken in Ireland to help to deal with the discrimination, marginalisation and stigmatisation suffered by Roma.

The students were fortunate to participate in workshops during the semester facilitated by Dr Patrick O’Donnell of the Graduate Entry Medical School, Franz Amin of the Department of Politics and Fiona McCaul and Majka Ryan of Doras Luimní.

Following the student’s presentations Professor Colin Clark of the University of the West of Scotland and Dr Bernard Rorke of the European Roma Rights Centre in Hungary both gave papers on their recent work. Franz Amin of the Department of Politics presented an innovative paper on vulnerability and Sindy Joyce of the Department of Sociology presented her findings from an ethnographic study she has carried out that examines how anti-Traveller racism shapes young people’s use of and movement through urban public space.

Representatives from Pavee Point, Doras Luimní, the Psychology Department in UL and the Graduate Entry Medical School were also present on the day to participate in the seminar.

The event was funded by the AHSS Faculty Teaching Board Fund.

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