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VIDEO: Students from UL, LIT and MIC work together in intensive, Problem Based Learning exercise ‘LULITMI’

First year Public Administration students (from LM002 BA Arts) from the University of Limerick and Mary Immaculate College, and community development students from Limerick Institute Technology came together this semester for an intensive, Problem Based Learning (PBL) exercise called ‘LULITMI’.

The exercise also formed part of the programme of the Limerick Spring Festival of Politics and Ideas.

During the market place of ideas students, working in groups, played the role of democracy and administration innovators tasked to explore ways of governing LULITMI, a country which has miraculously reappeared after being lost for 1000 years, its citizens awakening from many years of dreamlike sleep. The citizens now need the innovators to research and assess different ways to manage the nation’s affairs in this new and strange 21st century.

In response to questions/tasks posed by LULITMI residents, our democracy innovators held a market place of ideas on Thursday February 22nd at the University of Limerick, where they shared and persuaded people about the best ways of manage the new nation’s business.

This exercise was designed to provide an authentic and locally connected platform for student learning in the field of public administration, politics and community development.

Kyle Lehane wrote in UL’s student newspaper An Focal about the event:

For me, going to this event made me contemplate the future of this country, not LuLitMi’s. These students, without realizing it, are the future and […] hoping for a better tomorrow. It was those students who truly represented what LuLitMi/a new Ireland is. It’s a better tomorrow while learning from and embracing the mistakes of today.

The challenges that these students will face in this new Ireland or LuLitMi are summed up best by one student who said, “when you’re thrown a curveball, a real challenge, it makes you work that bit harder to achieve what you want.”

View photos from the event on our Facebook page.

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