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Diplomacy and Politics: The Vatican Secret Archives

Fascinating post by our History PhD student Stephen Griffin on his time in the Vatican Secret Archives

Centre for Early Modern Studies, Limerick

Stephen Griffin, PhD student in the Department of History, UL, writes about evidence for high levels of international diplomacy in archives in Rome and Vienna:

Stephen Griffin

I recently undertook a short trip to Rome to conduct archival research at the Vatican Secret Archives. The purpose of this visit was to identify and examine primary sources relating to the Papal Nuncios who dwelt in Vienna in the years 1727-43, the period in which Owen O’Rouerke, an agent of James Francis Edward Stuart, also lived there. The correspondence between the Nuncios and the Vatican Secretaries of State largely deals with Italian affairs, but also provides details on the affairs of the Stuarts in Europe. In particular, they highlight Papal involvement in the lawsuit between the Stuarts and their in-laws, the Duke and Duchess of Bouillon between 1737 and 1741.

Vatican2 Entrance to the Secret Archives, Vatican City

James Stuart’s father-in-law was James Louis Sobieski…

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