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Smart phone blues

By Simran Kapur

We belong to a generation that avoids social contact in as many ways as possible. The biggest invention for our kind is the smart phone in our pocket. Ordering your own food, with minimum engagement is the best thing that has happened to us (I know you get me).

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Being a Journalism student, I’ve had many an assignment requiring the expertise of my phone. One rather chilly evening I slipped into my finest, I had an event to cover. My first as a freelance journalist, without any support at all. It was slightly nerve wracking but yet thrilled me beyond measure.

I made my way to the city on a rather crowded bus, delayed by the never-ending traffic. The event was a success and I learned a great deal. Chatting with the folks of Limerick I completely lost track of time and it was almost half past nine. I had heard several stories about the bus at night, I pushed those thoughts away as I quickly ran towards the bus stop, hoping to be lucky.

It took me a while to fight the wind and rain and I made it in time for the bus. I was waiting for my turn in the impatient line, where I met this beautiful woman from Mexico. She had come to Ireland to research the abundance of water here. We shared our food interests, where we stayed and even a few personal stories for the entirety of the bus journey back, without even knowing each other’s first name.

After a heart warming interaction, I got off at my destination feeling rather happy about the interviews that I took. I reached towards my pocket to retrieve my phone after the hard work that it had done that evening. It came as a wave of disappointment and then immediately turned into a tsunami of fear. My phone wasn’t where it was supposed to be, I investigated the contents of my bag next, it became certain that I had dropped my precious piece of technology in the bus.

I turned around and made an attempt to run in the direction of the bus, the rain getting stronger by the second. Halfway through, I realized my broken knee did nothing to up my speed and I chose the next best option. I waved down a complete stranger and begged him to call my phone, rather sympathetic he handed me his phone to make the call. After several failed attempts and a few moments of regret later I returned his phone and made my way back home.

As soon as I entered my kitchen I asked my friends to call my number, they went complete CIA on me and started a live track on my phone. We had one last chance, the bus was on the move and would make one last round for the night. I put on my jacket accompanied by my flat-mate made my way to the bus stop, in the hope of flagging down the same bus on round two.

giphy 4

Shivering down to our bones we stood there while the others were tracking my phone back at home. We constantly kept calling in an attempt to get my precious piece of technology noticed by someone. We even used the feature on Google to ring my phone for five minutes, even if it was on silent. I know, classic mistake, leaving your phone on silent.

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Two buses crossed our paths with very little information if we’ll ever see the bus I dropped my phone on, that night. Suddenly I could no longer call my number, neither could my flat-mates track my phone. Someone had switched it off, not a good sign at all. Then just as we lost all hope, the 304A I got off that night pulled in, I couldn’t express my excitement when I recognized the driver. I waved it down like a maniac and half out of breath asked the driver if I could go look for my phone. He took the device off his pocket and said, “Yeah I got it here for you! I couldn’t receive the call so I switched it off”. I took my phone and held it with my shivering hands, I couldn’t believe it. I walked home happy, smiling like a fool and dancing, what a day!

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