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My first snowfall

By Simran Kapur


They say experiences build a man’s (in my case a woman’s) personality. When it comes to my adventures in Ireland, I’ve had plenty to keep my family entertained back at home. Although, there was one experience in particular that left me mesmerized.

I come from a very humid and particularly warm part of India. Temperatures from where I come from have barely ever gone down to a single digit. So you can imagine the soaring winds and the ever surprising weather in Ireland made my teeth chatter on more than one occasion.

Walking down the street I’ve seen several women out and about looking extremely pretty in a dress or the occasional skirt. I would however never find the courage to do the same. I feel vulnerable stepping out in just a single layer of clothing, it needs me two pants and three tops to just walk up till Aldi.

One such extremely nail biting teeth chattering morning I heard a persistent knock on my door. I thought if I stayed quiet for long enough, whoever it was would go away. Student life urges you to value the little sleep that you get and I wasn’t going to step out of bed this early on a Saturday morning.

Like I’d hoped, the knocking stopped and whoever that was, left. My inner demon danced to this victory and I turned to check my phone. I was about to check how many likes my new Instagram post had, when a Whatsapp message popped up on my screen: “Wake up you idiot, it’s snowing”.

At that very moment, I instantaneously forgot how cold it was out there. Wearing only the cotton shirt and tracks that I wear to bed, I put on my slippers and nearly fell over twice while running down the stairs. I opened the main door and stepped out to the beautiful snow clad front door. Just to clarify, it wasn’t all white and thick but it was snow nonetheless. Snow that I had never before that very moment seen in my life.


In the most stereotypical way, I put my hand forward to touch the snowflakes. They melted as soon as they touched my warm palm. I cannot describe my happiness at that very moment. To have felt and seen such a sight before my eyes was truly an experience that both mesmerized me and changed my outlook towards life. At the cost of sounding clichéd it is these little moments that one has, that builds their personality. It made me appreciate the life I had and taught me never to take it for granted.


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