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How To Keep In Touch With Friends From Home

By Sarah Talty, 4th year Journalism and New Media

You meet so many amazing new people in college, between groups and societies, housemates and course-mates, you will end up making a whole group of new friends! This is great but we don’t want to lose our old friends from home too.

A lot of people worry about keeping in touch with their friends from home when they go off to college. Although it isn’t just when people first head to college that they lose contact with old friends, it can happen gradually throughout college.

Long distance friendships are work and usually it won’t take much to keep in contact. We all have social media platforms now that make us feel like we know exactly what’s going on in people’s lives and our friends are just a tap away. But nothing beats meeting in person and sometimes college life gets so busy that we forget to make time to see people at home.

Here are some tips to ensure you don’t drift apart from your good home friends:

Communicate Often

This seems really simple and it is! With our phones, the Internet and social media we can’t make any excuses for not keeping in contact with people. College life is exciting and busy but make sure to check in with each other often. A phone call is a great way of staying up to date with each other’s news. You can also leave each other voice messages on Whatsapp or Facebook, this way you can leave them and listen to them and reply to them when you have a free ten minutes.

Visit Each Other

Invite your friend to come stay at your college house and visa versa. Whether you go out to a club, for drinks, for dinner, a walk or watch a movie at home, it doesn’t matter. Visiting the place your friend calls home for 5 days a week will help you grow closer. Now when they complain about their messy housemate you have a face to put with the name.  It will help  You will no doubt be excited to share this new part of your life with each other.

Plan Meet Ups

Often we don’t have a lot of free time at the weekends. If you have a job at home you’ll be lucky to have time to see your family. Then your commute back to college could take up half your Sunday. It’s important to make time to plan your time in advance to see friends. It could be a late movie night when you’re both finished your split shifts or a breakfast date before you set off to college. You’ll be surprised as well at how even a short meeting with your best friend at the weekend can set you up for a good week.

Plan Something Fun In The Future To Do Together

This is really effective at making sure you keep in touch! Plan to do something in the future that you both love. This could be anything from the cinema to see a movie you’re excited about, a concert, a holiday or a nice dinner out. Having something planned to do will keep you connected to each other, it gives you something to talk about and get excited about together. Also if you can’t meet up as often as you’d like it means that when you finally do you will be doing something that you both really enjoy.

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