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5 New Years Resolutions For A Successful Semester

By Sarah Talty, 4th year Journalism and New Media


  1. Set Realistic Goals

We all tell ourselves lies at the beginning and ends of semesters. We tell ourselves that we’re gong to be in the library every day studying and we’ll only go out once every two weeks and we won’t get any more takeaways. These are all unrealistic goals. If you’re going to set goals at least make them things you will stick to and then you are more likely to accomplish them. While it may be unrealistic to say you’re going to the library every day, two days a week might be more manageable.



2. Spend More Time In The Library

 This is probably something everyone promised themselves at the end of the last semester. Consult your timetable when you get back and put aside two or three days when you have some free time during the days or in the evenings to go to the library for a few hours. Don’t leave all your study until the last few weeks when the library will be incredibly crowded and people will be fighting for seats. Do smarter study instead of more study.



 3. Take Up A New Hobby

 It’s never too late to start a new hobby or join a club or society! Challenge yourself to do something different this year whatever it may be. You could start reading more or take up pottery, wall climbing, writing, painting or learn a new language, the options are endless! If you’re doing a course where you don’t have many hours and you’re not in final year you could really benefit from teaching yourself something new instead of spending all of your spare hours binging on Netflix.



 4. Save Money

This is something that everyone probably needs to do more of. Most people gain financial maturity in college simply because they have to, you suddenly have to manage all of your expenses and this includes cutting out expenses you just don’t need (like your third takeaway in a week). You can save money easily by keeping track of all of your regular college expenses for a week. Studying this record can quickly help you identify where you could gain from scaling some expenses back. Maybe you could save yourself €10 by eating food at home rather than getting food on a night out? Or you could save €5 by bringing a packed lunch to the library instead of always resorting to the café?



5. Move More

 Get those happy endorphins flowing. We only have one month of winter left when we return to UL so you can’t use the cold weather as an excuse. Take advantage of UL’s wonderful swimming pool and gym facilities or get a few friends together and go for a walk.




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