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Mr Justice John Edwards appointed President of the Association of Judges of Ireland

Mr-Justice-John-Edwards-newsThe School of Law is delighted to announce that Mr Justice John Edwards, a Court of Appeal judge and an Adjunct Professor in the School, has recently been appointed President of the Association of Judges of Ireland (AJI).

AJI is a representative organisation for judges, which is primarily concerned with their conditions of work and service. Though it is not a judicial council, the AJI has a educative role in terms of what the judiciary do, and in terms of building public trust in the judiciary. It will be a priority of Mr Justice Edward’s presidency to develop some public outreach initiatives. This will be a difficult path to negotiate in circumstances where it will not be possible to discuss individual cases or indeed comment on any matter of actual or potential public controversy. However, it will be possible to talk about the judiciary’s role as the third arm of government, about its role generally in the administration of justice and about what the day to day job of being a judge involves, and hopefully present the human face of the judiciary.

The AJI is affiliated to, and plays a very active role, in the European Association of Judges and in the International Association of Judges, both of which are very active in defence and support of judiciaries whose independence is threatened.

Mr Justice Edwards is the AJI’s representative for the time being on both bodies, and have been since 2012. He has been a member of the eleven member executive, and has been the Secretary, of the AJI since its foundation in 2011, and on the 17th of November 2017 was elected as its 3rd President, for a two year term..

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