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History comes alive for students at the University of Limerick

Last week, the Department of History brought history alive for students at UL, with a demonstration by Irish Historical Costumers (IHC). Students of the History ‘Ireland, 1750-1850’ module were joined by students of English, Music and Dance for a presentation on male and female clothing of the period 1800-1830.


IHC is an educational and social group that organises costume related events throughout the year around Ireland. They focus on 18th and 19th century fashion and have a Regency dance group that give performances and demonstrations at public events. As well as demonstrating how and why people dressed the ways that they did, their presentation included their interpretation of historical costuming, evidence and historical authenticity, preservation bias and the practicalities of reconstruction.

Organised by Dr Karol Mullaney-Dignam, the event ended with a group country dance lesson taught with live music provided by students of the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance. Hosted by the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance and supported by the AHSS Faculty Teaching Board.


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