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Argentine Cinema Series at the University of Limerick

We are pleased to announce an Argentine Cinema Series, organised by the School of Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics at UL, in collaboration with the Argentine Embassy

All films will be shown at the University of Limerick, 26, 27, 28 September at 18:00.
Free admission, all films with subtitles

poster1Widows on Thursdays (Marcelo Piñeyro, 2009)

Tuesday 26th September, Room D1050, Main Building at 18:00
Genre: Drama, crime, mystery. In a gated community, where everyone seems to have it all, secrets surrounding the wealthy residents start to come out when three corpses are discovered in a swimming pool.


poster2Darkness by day (Martín Desalvo, 2013)

Wednesday 27th September, Room S116, Schuman Building  at 18:00
Genre: Horror, mystery. Thirty-something Virginia is alone in her family’s isolated house. As a rabies virus plagues the surrounding area, the arrival of her cousin Anabel sets a strange set of events in motion as she spends most of the day asleep and disappears at night.


poster3Stories of Cronopios and Famas (Julio Ludueña, 2014)

Thursday 28th September, Room KBG15, Kemmy Business School at 18:00
Genre: animation. Based on the short stories of Julio Cortázar, this film is about the tensions between social classes and genders, between the local and the global, the popular and the elitist, and all that is allegorised by these imaginary beings, Cronopios and Famas.

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