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Why living at home for University isn’t the worst

By Derval Cleary, 4th year BA Arts (Joint Honours)

When deciding to write a blog post I decided to write something I know about oh too well and something I wish I had available to me when I was filling out my CAO and when I began my studies at UL. I’m from Limerick and I study in Limerick so I’m going to tell you all about why living at home in a time of a rent crisis and high living costs isn’t the worst thing in the world.


1. The dog. This is probably my favourite thing about living at home as there’s nothing better than coming home after a stressful/not so good/good day and being given unconditional love and cuddles from someone who’s happy to have you home. (Plus pets are great stress relievers, I study psychology so it has to be true 😉 ) Poppy is a PhD (Pretty human Dog)


2. Home cooking. There is nothing better than coming home after a long day (or a short day) in college and having dinner waiting for you it honestly makes life so much easier. Plus happy stomach means happy human.


3. Fully stocked cupboards. As part of my degree I lived abroad for a year and I cannot talk about how depressing my food cupboard looked in comparison to my parents’ one. Food shopping on a budget can sometimes be hard (especially if you’re crap at maths like me) and I found (and still find) my parents food cupboards to be a luxury, want some pasta/curry sauce/cereal/chocolate digestives? They’re all there and they’re all FREE! (Love you Mum and Dad :P)


4. Savings €€€. In preparation for my year abroad I got a job in order to have a bit of money in the bank which would allow me allow me to go travelling, because I lived at home and didn’t have to pay rent or buy my own food I was able to save almost all the money I earned that semester and as a result I was able to have some pretty cool experiences.


5. It builds confidence. When living at home for college it can make creating new friendships hard as you may not have the “built in” friendships that can happen with housemates. When I started in UL it was something I was terrified of as I’m a shy person but I chose to use this to my advantage. I forced myself to say hello to more people in my lectures, to join societies and to get a little bit more involved with campus goings on. As a result my confidence has flourished and I’m not the shy first year I was when I began, I’m now the semi-shy final year with a wide array of friends.

Living at home isn’t without its downfalls either there’s long days in college, having to tell your parents where you’re going and when you’ll be home and of course having to commute and use the 304 (if I had a euro for every time that bus made me swear I’d be rich, just saying) but I chose not to focus on those because I believe that the positives of living at home are just a tiny bit better.

I hope that this blog post has helped those who aren’t necessarily the happiest with living at home for college or even those who needed a reminder about why they chose to live at home for college and maybe I’ve convinced a few of you to look at living at home for college in the future. Who knows?

P.S Thank you to my Mum who proof read this while she was tumbledrying my clothes :op

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