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Researcher profile: Caron Barry

Caron-UL-ProfileCaron Barry is a PhD student in the School of Culture and Communication at UL under the supervision Professor Margaret Mills Harper. Her research is focused on the connection of W. B. Yeats to the visionary poets William Blake and Dante Alighieri. Her research deals primarily with the symbolic and mystical elements in the works of each poet through the lens of the philosophical system expounded in Yeats’s A Vision, and aligns the three poets with a prophetic epic tradition in poetry.

Her other research interests include Shakespeare, Renaissance Literature, Romanticism, and Literary Occultism.

Caron completed a Bachelors in Law in 2013. She then worked briefly as a travel writer while living in Rome before completing her MA in English at the University of Limerick. She currently teaches tutorials in English literature at UL as she finishes her dissertation.

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