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Launch of History Studies Journal


Wednesday 19 April 2017, saw the launch of Volume 17 of History Studies by the post graduate student body of the History Department in the University of Limerick. History Studies is the only history journal edited and published by post graduate students in Ireland.

The journal now in its seventeenth year the journal has maintained a reputation as a haven for a wide spectrum of historical research and this year was no exception. Derived from a myriad of eras and locations the eight articles give an insight in to matters as diverse as the ideology and activities of twentieth century Peruvian communist guerrillas and the deeds of an Irish oath bound secret society that defended the rights of peasant farmers in the nineteenth century. The apologies offered for the justification of and the maintenance of the slave trade in the Antebellum American South is chronicled. As well as the efforts employed to industrialise and modernise the same American South in the early twentieth century. The moral outrage caused by Jazz and dance halls in inter-war Ireland is explored as are the efforts to drive programmes of urban improvement in nineteenth century Belfast. The story behind the commemoration of the Crimean War in stone monuments in Tralee County Kerry take us in to the realm of Public History and the use of space and stone in remembrance. We explore the heated and often poignant debate among academic Historians about the forging of a national identity for post war Germany.

The editors would like to take this opportunity to thank, Professor Tom Lodge who officially launched the journal, also head of the History Department Professor Anthony McElligott, for his on-going support of the journal. Also special thanks to Dr David Fleming and Dr Ruan O’Donnell for their encouragement, guidance and support in bringing the issue to fruition and to Gerard Maher last year’s editor for his patience and direction.

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