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Profile: Nuria Borrull

Nuria Borrull, School of Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

I am a graduate of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, where I was awarded a B. A. in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies and an MA in Applied Linguistics for TESOL.

I have taught Hispanic Studies at the University of Limerick since 2001.  Although the nature of my post in the School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics is mainly orientated to teaching, I am involved in research in a number of areas which I feel passionate about and in which I have received a lot of support from colleagues.

My main interests include Iberian and Latin American literature and culture, Translation Studies and Popular Music. I have presented papers at 3 international conferences and I am the author of a recent chapter on Catalan New Song – a cultural and political resistance movement in Spain which originated in Barcelona.

I have a forthcoming chapter under contract “The trajectory of protest song from dictatorship to democracy and the independence movement in Catalonia:  Lluís Llach and the Catalan Nova Canҁó”. This is based on a paper presented at the Songs of Social Protest conference in UL. Organisers are preparing two volumes which will be published by Rowman and Littlefield International to be included in Songs of Protest: A Companion, edited by Aileen Dillane, Martin J. Power, Eoin Devereux and Amanda Haynes.

The chapter examines the impact that the movement of Catalan Song that began in the 1960s in Catalonia, has had in the mobilisation of large numbers of people to protest against political repression.  It focuses in particular on the example of Llach’s song L’Estaca (literally ‘the stake’) because this song continues to cause controversy in Spain.  The chapter addresses the question of why a song of social protest, composed more than half a century ago, still has such a powerful resonance and why it still has the potential to generate political polemic right up to the present day.

I am a member of:

  • CALS, Centre for Applied Language Studies, UL
  • Hispanic Studies Research Group, Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics, UL
  • Popular Music and Popular Culture Research Cluster, Department of Sociology and the Music Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, UL


Borrull, N. and Atkinson, D. 1992. Translation into English: The Unknown Face of Cuban Art.  Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, UK.

“The Catalan Nova Canҁó: Resistance and Identity Through Song”.  In Geraghty, B. and J.E. Conacher, (eds.) 2014. Intercultural Contact, Language Learning and Migration.  London: Bloomsbury.




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