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Tips and advice for new students at UL

By Nadine Kimak

Sometimes your life can be a lot easier if you get a tip or advice from someone. Especially as a new student at UL. That’s why I thought about a couple of tips and advice and maybe I can help you solve a problem or answer a question.


  1. Just ask!

If you are not sure where to go, where your room is located, where the next restaurant is or anything else. Just ask!

People at UL are mostly really nice and helpful. They will tell you where to go or help you use the printer. If you just ask a student or person you see on campus, they will probably help you. And most of the time there will always be someone around campus. So don’t be shy.

  1. Look at the website

If you have specific question you can try the UL website or the website for the Students Union.

On these websites you will find details about your studies, Clubs & Societies and so much more. Just open the website and have a look. It might be really helpful.

  1. Join a Club or Society

You are new on campus and you want to find some other students with similar interests?

Just join a Club or Society. There are over 70 active Clubs & Societies at UL such as Athletics, Basketball, Krav Maga, Rowing, WindSports, Anime and Manga, Dance UL, Games, International Society and many more.

When you join a Club or Society it is guaranteed that you will meet new people and have a lot of fun.

  1. Find your balance

I know that your studies always have priority and that’s right. But in my opinion a good balance between studying and having fun is important, too. Enjoy your life as a student at UL. Go out, meet friends or join a club or society. It is important to sometimes get you mind off of your studies and assignments. This balance will get you a good break and afterwards you can focus even more. But always take a break.

  1. Don’t be frustrated.

I know that UL has a big campus and a lot of different buildings. And especially at the beginning it takes a little bit of time to get used to it. But don’t be too frustrated. With a little bit of practice or guidance in the first couple of weeks you will get the hang of it. Also in the orientation week you will get a campus tour and they tell you about the structure and systems of the buildings.


All in all, just enjoy the time at UL. And somehow you will figure everything, with some help or without, doesn’t matter.

nadineNadine is an Erasmus student from Germany. She is studying Social Science in Limerick for two semesters. She loves to work with people, do sports and explore Ireland.

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