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University of Limerick academics at Dublin Bowie Festival

Prof. Eoin Devereux spoke on RTE’s Arena on 5th January about his book David Bowie: Critical Perspectives (Routledge: New York), co-edited with Aileen Dillane and Martin J. Power. This collection of essays brings together some of the best writing about Bowie up to the release of The Next Day. The paperback version of the book will be launched later today at the David Bowie Festival in Dublin.



The editors organised the first ever academic conference about David Bowie in October 2012 which took place at University of Limerick. Professor Eoin Devereux speaking in advance of the launch stated: “In publishing this collection of essays our intention is to engage in a serious way with the creative outputs of one of the most important figures within popular culture who managed to erase the artificial boundaries between high and low culture. In ‘Blackstar’ David Bowie sings of somebody else taking the place of the song’s central character. It will be a very long time before someone manages to displace David Bowie and his art.”

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