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AHSS PhD Life Hacks 2016

The inaugural AHSS Postgraduate Research Community Winter Seminar took place on Wednesday 14th December 2016 in the Pavilion, University of Limerick. The event was organised by AHSS postgraduate researchers  Niall Curry (Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics), Pam Wall (Culture & Communication) and Hope Davidson (School of Law) and supported by Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Graduate Research Centre.

The theme for the seminar was ‘PhD life hacks: finding passion and keeping it in writing and research’.  Invited speakers included Prof. Orla Muldoon, Department of Psychology, UL, who spoke about making the PhD a priority.  Prof. Muldoon encouraged students to recognise the key time during the day when they feel most productive and to protect that time during the writing period.

Prof. Orla Muldoon

Dr. Mary Fitzpatrick, Centre for Teaching and Learning, UL, advised students to make a time schedule for study, find a suitable location for writing and use the allocated time productively.  Dr. Aileen Marron, a recently graduated PhD student from Department of Sociology, UL, discussed the study/life challenges faced by a PhD student.  Dr. Marron encouraged students to set a daily/weekly routine and adhere to it.  Dr. Marron also discussed how to prepare for the viva voce.

The final speaker, Dr. Ide O’Sullivan, Regional Writing Centre, UL, discussed how to instill passion in writing.  Dr. O’Sullivan reminded students that writers often feel strongly about their research, but they must balance passion and objectivity.   The seminar was very well attended and food and beverages were provided after the event where attending students continued the discussion.  Further seminars will be organised in the Spring semester.


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