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Launch of International Yeats Studies

International Yeats Studies, a new open-access journal published by Clemson University Press and initiated by the International Yeats Society was launched recently.

The inaugural issue is now online:

The first issue includes new work by Professor Margaret Mills Harper (School of Culture & Communication, University of Limerick) entitled Words for Music? Perhaps. Professor Harper is the current Director of the Yeats International Summer School and the President of the International Yeats Society, an academic organisation which links national and other Yeats societies around the world.

The journal also features work by Alexandra Poulain;  a previously unpublished essay, “What was their Utopia?” by Lady Gregory about the Easter Rising;  reflections on “Easter, 1916” by James Pethica, Matthew Campbell, Charles Armstrong, Joseph Valente, and Lucy McDiarmid; and a new interpretation of Yeats’s dramaturgy by Melinda Szuts, as well as book and performance reviews.


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