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My time studying in UL

By Jane Vaughan

I am a fourth year student here at The University of Limerick and I’m studying English and History.

The modules for history are quite diverse which is great because it means you get to study history from different parts of the globe. Sometimes studying these two subjects together is an advantage because they can overlap, especially with Irish Literature and Irish History.

I knew from about third year of secondary school that these two subjects were what I wanted to go on and study in college. English was my best subject in school all the way up through school and history was something I didn’t have to work on until fifth year. At the start of sixth year I wanted to attend UCC but later changed that because why would I go to a different county when I had an unreal college just forty minutes in the road from me?

The key to a good college life is balance and time management. You need to spend the right amount of time getting your work done and also having the bit of craic. (Disclaimer: There will always be things you need to do, but as long as you keep on top of things you’ll be fine.)

There are loads of places around campus where you can go and relax for an hour before your next lecture, The Library Cafe, The Stables, Red Raisins and The Paddocks to name but a few. (The women who work in the Library Cafe are just the best and not only make you a great chicken roll but call you ‘pet’ and ‘hun’ to make you feel extra special.)

UL campus is like a little town itself and to be honest, I’m still finding new parts of it going into my final year, but don’t let that worry you there are so many people willing to help new students here, The First Seven Weeks program offers additional help to UL’s new students by having fellow students stationed around the campus with the aim of helping you find your way around or answering any questions you may have.

Give it three weeks and you’ll be well and truly settled into your new home here at Limerick.


Jane Vaughan is in her fourth year studying English and History at the University of Limerick. She is 22 and from Limerick. You can read her personal blog here  and follow her on Twitter at @_PaulaJane


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