On Wednesday the 28th of September Siobhán Curran, Gabi Florica Muntean and Tica Muntean of Pavee Point gave a talk to over sixty students in the Child Law module at the University of Limerick. The three speakers spoke about Roma Children’s Rights. Each of the speakers spoke about issues facing Roma children in Ireland today in relation to education, housing, health, poverty and discrimination. They also spoke with the students about the Needs Assessment for Roma in Ireland, which Pavee Point has worked on for the past two years with the Department of Justice.

The talk was very beneficial for the students as they heard about the difficulties that Roma can have with the habitual residency requirement and the first hand research which the speakers had collected in the last number of months documenting the stories of very vulnerable Roma families in Ireland. The talk was organized by Norah Burns of the School of Law and was supported by funding from the AHSS Faculty Teaching Board and the School of Law.