The Faculty of AHSS was well-represented at this summer’s conference of the International Association for Media and Communication research annual conference in Leicester.

Participants included Dr Fergal Quinn, Dr Henry Silke, Kathryn Hayes and Audrey Galvin  (School of Culture & Communication). Attendance was funded by the AHSS and School of Culture and Communication.

Dr Quinn presented a paper entitled “Democratic surplus: How ideas about democracy interact with journalism teaching in a developing world context and the implications of this for journalism practice”.

Fergal Quinn presenting

Dr Silke co-presented with Professor  Paschal Preston (Dublin City University, Ireland): Socio-Economic Inequalities and Communication Studies . He also co presented with Ciara Graham (Institute of Technology Tallaght) a paper entitled: Framing Privatisation: The dominance of neo-liberal discourse and the death of the public good.

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