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AHSS Faculty Teaching Day

The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at UL held its annual Faculty Teaching Day yesterday, 1st September. The event provides a platform for colleagues to get together and share innovative teaching ideas. All the speakers received funding last year from the AHSS Faculty Teaching Board for a variety of projects. Speakers included:

  • Mariano Paz (School of Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics): Extended ISLA Festival
  • Darina Slattery (School of Culture & Communication): ‘Developing UL Online’ (DUO) workshops 2015-16
  • Mairead Moriarty & Helen Kelly-Holmes (School of Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics, and CALS): Enhancing Excellence and Engagement in the Final Year Project: The CALS Undergraduate Research Award
  • Susan Leahy (School of Law): Domestic Violence Advanced Lawyering Project
  • Vincent O’Connell (Dept of History): Pathways to the Past: A Path to Participative Learning for Undergraduate and Postgraduate History Students
  • Gisela Holfter (School of Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics): A Conversation with Bernhard Schlink
  • Marie-Thérèse Batardière & Catherine Jeanneau (School of Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics): Learning through sharing: best practices of Computer Mediated Communication in language teaching/learning

A common theme for the day was enhancing the learning environment for our students, using technology as a teaching tool and working together across disciplines.

The event was closed by our Dean, Professor Tom Lodge.

The event was funded by the AHSS Faculty Teaching Board, and organised by Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr Michael Griffin, and Jess Beeley. With thanks to all the speakers and those who attended, and special thanks to Marie-Thérèse Batardière for the photos.

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