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AHSS Faculty represent UL at IASIL conference

The Faculty of AHSS was well-represented at this summer’s conference of the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures, the largest professional association concentrating on Irish literary scholarship.

Participants included Drs Tina O’Toole, Christina Morin, Maggie O’Neill, and doctoral student Iva Yates (School of Culture & Communication), and Drs Joachim Fischer and Michaela Schrage-Frueh (School of Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics).

Characterised by its international range, this year’s conference in UCC featured strong attendance from the regular Brazilian and Japanese delegations, along with members from a range of European countries, as well as Egypt, Hong Kong, the USA, and Canada. Tina O’Toole, currently IASIL Treasurer, noted the recent upsurge in membership from among early career scholars in the field, a clear indication that the organisation is going from strength to strength.

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