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Profile: Dr Florence Le Baron-Earle

Dr Florence Le Baron-EarleSchool of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics

“After completing a Degree in English Language, Literature and Culture in my native France, I came to UL as a Lingua in 2002. In brief, I taught pronunciation and various oral skills to first year students of French. Following this very positive experience, I completed a Master in Language Policy, ICT, and Teaching French as a Foreign Language at the Université of Angers (France) with the aim to return to UL, which I did in 2005. My most significant research project was carried out during my PhD from which I graduated in January 2014. My thesis was supervised by Prof. Angela Chambers and Dr Liam Murray and funded by the Irish Social Sciences Platform (ISSP). It investigated how social media (discussion forum, blog, and wiki) can improve the teaching and learning of intercultural awareness of students of French, and analysed outcomes in comparison to related research. It can be consulted in the UL Institutional Repository.

“I am currently working as a Teaching Assistant in French in the School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics. I have also held positions in various areas of French studies at the Lao National University (Laos) and the University of York (UK) where I have been able to diversify my teaching competencies and develop my research on intercultural issues.

“Over the last twelve years, I have designed, delivered and assessed new courses in French and Francophone literature, culture, linguistics, French for specific-purposes (Applied Languages, Business, Law, Politics, Engineering, Medicine, and Equine Science) and also trained teachers of French working in primary and secondary schools. Gradually, my passion for teaching French has developed into action research. In other words, my research is closely linked to and informed by issues related to my teaching practice. My research interests comprise: French studies, Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Applied Linguistics, and Intercultural Communicative Competence.

“I am currently working on publishing data emanating from my doctoral thesis. To date, my publications include:

  • Le Baron-Earle, F. (2014), ‘Social Networking for Language Education, Marie Noëlle Lamy and Katerina Zourou’, Language Learning & Technology, 18(3), 52-55
  • Le Baron-Earle, F. (2012), ‘Social media and the acquisition of intercultural communicative competence: A focus on discussion forums’ in Alderete-Diez, P., Incalcaterra McLoughlin, L., Ni Dhonnachadha, L. and Ni Uigin, D., eds., Translation, Technology and Autonomy in Language Teaching and Learning, Bern: Peter Lang, 291-315.
  • Rodgers, O., Chambers, A. and Le Baron-Earle, F. (2011) ‘Corpora in the LSP classroom: A learner-centred corpus of French for biotechnologists’, International Journal of Corpus Linguistics, (special issue on Applying Corpus Linguistics).
  • Le Baron-Earle, F. (2011), ‘Quality in Language and Culture Teaching – A State of the Art Review’ in Murray, L., Hourigan T. and Riordan, E., eds., Quality Issues in ICT Integration: Third Level Disciplines and Learning Contexts, Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 47-71.
  • Le Baron, F. (2010) ‘Learning Language and Culture via Public Internet Discussion Forums, Barbara E. Hanna and Juliana de Nooy, ReCALL, 22(2), 266-269.
  • Chambers, A. and Le Baron, F. (eds.) Le Corpus Chambers-Le Baron d’articles de recherche en français / Chambers-Le Baron Corpus of Research Articles in French. 2007, Oxford, University of Oxford: Oxford Text Archive. Available here.”

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