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10 Tips for a Successful Open Day

By Aoife Martyn

10 tips for a successfulI thought I’d write some advice ahead of the UL Open Day:

  1. Do your research beforehand and have a general knowledge of the courses available in UL while focusing on the ones you’re really interested in. Also, read any information you can find about the Open Day.
  2. Get there really, really early. There’s no point in arriving and realising you’ve missed the course talk that you wanted to go to.
  3. Plan the talks you want to go to and figure out how to get to the room in time.
  4. Try to avoid spending the day with your school friends in Starbucks and Subway. UL has so much more to offer and don’t be afraid to explore on your own.
  5. Talk to current students. Don’t be shy, they’re only there because they want to tell you what they wished they knew.
  6. Have a good look around campus. Don’t just stick to the main building, venture up to north campus to see other buildings and have a look at all of the sports facilities if they interest you.
  7. Take notes. Embarrassing right? Wrong. You can’t remember everything you hear but you can write it down and recall it later.
  8. Take ALL the leaflets. All of them. You’ll be glad when you come home feeling overwhelmed with everything you’ve heard all day and have some solid information on paper for later reading.
  9. Have an open mind. Prioritise the subject areas that you’re interested in, but have a look at other areas as well. You might surprise yourself.
  10. If you don’t get the feeling on the open day, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean the college or the course is not for you. Some people might and others might not. A number of factors make the open days different to what college will actually be like and so while you can learn a lot of information, don’t expect a feeling that you belong in a certain college or course as there is many more factors to be considered than a simple feeling which often takes time to develop.

untitled-design-13Best of luck everyone 🙂

Hey everyone! My name is Aoife Martyn, I’m nineteen and I’m an Applied Languages student from Mayo. I’m in second year and, a year and a half into the course, it’s safe to say I’m loving it!


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