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Christmas Cheer ft. Exams

By Judy Sheehan

exams1Greetings all!

Yes, I am procrastinating a little and yes,I should get back to studying but I feel I have neglected the AHSS blog recently. How semester one of first year is coming to an end is beyond my belief! Week twelve saw the last of tutorials and lectures of the five modules I studied this semester, with this week being reading week. Today the Christmas lights were switched on by the President of the University on campus, during a festive market with free food, music and (fake) snow! Safe to say there weren’t too many stressed individuals on campus today.

Besides the Christmas cheer, we must broach the subject of…EXAMS! When it comes to study, I usually leave it too late and panic,resorting to pulling all night study sessions over cups of cold coffee (#leavingcertmemories) but this time I am more prepared.

A  few relatively helpful ways to study I have discovered…

-Print off previous year exam papers in the subject. The link to past exam papers is in the student links section of the University website. Use these to test yourself and you will get a better idea of what could appear in the exams.

-Attending tutorials give a useful insight into possible exam topics which can be reassuring. Ask about anything you are worried about and any general queries-what is needed in the exam, exam rules etc.

-Look over your notes and ensure you know key concepts/ideas/theories.

-Flashcards and highlighters will make even the more tedious aspects of a subject easier to break down and learn. Staring at chapters of text is monotonous and you will than likely get distracted.

The best piece of advice I can give is to not stress too much. To do so will only cause you to panic before and during the exam. Arriving early to the right exam center with your I.D card is a must according to all knowledgeable sources. So , deep breath, the very best of luck and Christmas wishes!
Untitled design (11)My name is Judy Sheehan (most people call me Julie-really annoying), I’m twenty years old and I am in first year Arts! Hailing from the beautiful county Cork, home is only down the road. Let me tell ye a bit more, if ye are brave enough to read on…

Some useless facts about me: I am the eldest of four, with three older step siblings, have 8+ cats, am from a little town in West Cork called Bandon, LOVE animals, laugh at absolutely anything even remotely funny,drink  far too much hot chocolate and consume too much pizza and chocolate (not at the same time though).

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